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Sealoflex Fabric

Sealoflex Fabric™ (Sometimes referred to as “Flashing Fabric”) Sealoflex Fabric™ is a polyester, non-woven,   stitch-bonded and heat set fabric.


  • Roof Panel Joints
  • Detail work such as flashings, copings, gutters, etc.
  • Interiors of parapet walls
  • Flat, smooth roofs


  • Conforms readily to uneven surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


When using Sealoflex Fabric™, always lay the fabric into a generous coat of Sealoflex Pink®, allowing the wet product to saturate the fabric from below. Another coat of Sealoflex Pink® is then applied to ensure saturation from above.

Important Notes

When applying Sealoflex Fabric™, to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish, always apply with the “fluffy” side down.



Packaging and Weights/Sq. Yard

Sealoflex Fabric™ comes in rolls in the following sizes:
4″ x 300′  - 2.7 oz./sq. yd.
6″ x 300′  - 2.7 oz./sq. yd.
12″ x 300′ - 2.7 oz./sq. yd.
40″ x 324′ - 3.3 oz./sq. yd.

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Sealoflex Fabric Applications

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